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For over twenty years I studied cookery under the great TV master chefs – Julia Childs, Graham Kerr, The Frugal Gourmet, Yan Can Cook, and other rising stars of the culinary world.  In 2001 I discovered The United States Personal Chef Association, and attended their Culinary Institute in Phoenix, AZ.  After graduation I “hung out my skillet” as The Portable Gourmet, the first Personal Chef in Yavapai County, AZ.  After a successful two year run, I moved my business to Fort Collins Colorado.  Again my business was well received, but an unfortunate chain of events forced me to return to the world of Technical Writing where I had worked for some 20 years.  I recently spent nearly two years on Kwajalein island, a remote atoll in the far Pacific.  Even there I continued to pursue Personal Cheffing on weekends and evenings.  In February 2007 I returned to the States and settled in Sarasota, FL.  Happy circumstances here created my new business name

  -  The Kilted Cook.


Why The Kilted Cook?  I own and wear a kilt, and I cook.  What could be more natural?  I’ve been involved various Scottish societies for over 30 years.  I was the first Vice Chieftain of the Northern Colorado Scottish Society, and bass drummer for the Fort Collins Pipe Band.  Later, I was involved with the Utah Scots when I lived in Salt Lake City for nearly ten years.  When I moved to Salem, OR I joined the Mid-Willamette Scottish Heritage Society and eventually served as Vice President of that organization.  Even on a tiny Pacific island, I was the bass drummer for the Kwajalein Pipes & Drums – the most remote Pipe Band in the world!


Another major interest in my life is the teaching and study of Old Yang Style T'ai-chi Ch'uan and T'aichi Sword, the ancient Chinese disciplines of mind-body-spirit.  T'ai chi is a health maintenance exercise system, a form of moving meditation, and a formitable method of conflict resolution.


My other hobbies and interests include building and playing mountain dulcimer, Anglo-Saxon and northern European lyres, and several other unique musical instruments; snorkeling and underwater photography; travel, and boating in several forms.


On Kwajalein


Kwajalein Pipes & Drums at Veteran's day ceremony.  Chef Ken on the bass drum


T'ai Chi Ken


Reproduction of a 6th century Merovingian lyre.  Mango and Maple, with a Baltic Amber bridge


White Spotted Pufferfish at a cleaning station in 6 feet of water in the Kajalein lagoon.


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